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Awarded Hiveware domain:

Top domains that need entrepreneurial ownership:

  • Hiveware for <below are 17 suggested domains> (<suggested unique characteristic for this domain>)
  • Hiveware for <your domain> (free for anyone who wants to create a hive)
  • Hiveware for Health Care(DEV) (distributed patient records)
  • Hiveware for Maps (distributed synchronous input/output)
  • Hiveware for Information Services ()
      • Hiveware for Word (document piece ownership unlike GoogleDocs and Word365 free-for-all group editing)
          • Hiveware for Scholars ()
  • Hiveware for Security (optional clear-text r/o file names vs uuid r/o file names vs memory-only diskless files )
  • BuiltinApps
    • (Hiveware for) HivewareInstaller(DEV) (has look-and-feel of the Visual Studio Installer and is the initial contact the ancestor hive has with a downstream user or developer. It does this without any dependency on centralized servers or the web.)
    • Hiveware for MyFiles(DEV) (modern File Explorer look-alike, but with one ownable copy/multiple virtual copies instead of today's multiple non-ownable non-scalable copies like DropBox, etc.)
  • Hiveware for Software Development(DEV) (just HivewareApp is the MSVC solution is used to develop the 3 builtin apps, Ipv4Ipv6Reachability, MyFiles and MyPeople, other downstream Hiveware devs can obtain these tools to develop their own hiveware domain)
  • Hiveware for Gaming (synchronous distributed behavior for players, context)
  • Hiveware for Music (creators sell musical creations directly to users)
  • Hiveware for Arts (creators sell digital works of art directly to individuals)
    • Hiveware for Performing Arts (performers sell directly to viewers)
    • Hiveware for Photos (monetizable photo galleries)
  • Hiveware for Teaching Learning (verbal or behavioral knowledge dissemination and human learning techniques)
  • Hiveware for OperationalTechnology (direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment)
  • Hiveware for Motion Pictures ()
  • Hiveware for Electronic Data Interchange (ANSI X12, EDIFACT synchronous item transmission and eventaully forms like Purchase 950)
  • Hiveware for Retail ()
  • Hiveware for Virtual Reality (scalable decentralized input/output instead of non-scalable non-secure edge-backend approach)
  • Hiveware for Financial Services (all items are non-fungible, not built on non-scalable blockchain which requires proof-of-work or proof-of-stake and concensus kludges)
  • Hiveware for IoT ()
  • Hiveware for Taxation the difference between Hiveware and blockchain is Hiveware operates over the clear Internet whereas the public record of everyone's transactions has forced blockchain users over to the dark Internet. Every Hiveware vender must operate with this taxation domain to be legal. This obviates the need for know-your-customer tack-on functionality since software provenance is never a legal issue for Hiveware. Fx, Americans need to have the MISC1099 subdomain in their smart contract.
  • Hiveware for Military the ability to continue to operate dApps securely even when offline is not possible with centralized servers. Hiveware doesn't have that problem by design.'
  • Hiveware for ArtificialIntelligence AI dApps that need built-in Hiveware invariants, security ownership and privacy, for their large-language provenance as well as source-to-output provenance determination.'

Three Steps to become a 'Hiveware for ...'  owner and entrepreneur:

  1. Pick out a domain area that you have experience in and have entrepreneurial interest in.
  2. Read our policy.
  3. Send an email to indicating your wish to begin.

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