hiveware for myfamily

The Hiveware for MyFamily distributed app uses the Hiveware engine to let users drag and drop files and folders and view and use them on any device he or she owns. Although Hiveware normally operates with concepts and content, and not files and folders, users currently perceive file sharing as a needed capability.

MyFamily is free for every Hiveware member. It establishes his or her identity in that it holds the primary record containing his position in his genealogy tree. As the owner of his own identity, only he can enter or change his private information. Other family members have their own identity records which they are simultaneously updating. Since each position in their tree is unique, each person is the owner of their data while all the other members can observe the data. Contrast this state of affairs with the currnet file-sharing method where noone knows who enters or views the data.

MyFamily is one of two built-in distributed apps that comes with Hiveware membership.

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