hiveware installer

The Hiveware Installer app is the initial contact a candidate Hiveware user or developer has with Hiveware. A user may be operating from any type of computer architecture. Hiveware installation occurs only once after which configuration of persistence and authentication is built up gradually and maintained from within any Hiveware app the user ends up running. At no point is the user incumbered with continual disruptive updates of his installed apps.

Hiveware Installer installed apps do not use servers or clouds in any way. Instead they use the memory and storage already present in the userís various devices including Desktop, laptop and mobile devices, resources the user has already bought and paid for.

The business model for Hiveware apps is the generations of HVWs for every piece of work done, a fraction of which is debit/credit sent to the ancestor hives. This model means there are no clumsy subscriptions. If you don't use any app, no value is debit/credited anywhere. You can develop a hive yourself and your group who would business-wise share in any HVW remunerations your downstream users might generate. As an example, this LinkedIn article describes how Hiveware for MyFiles creates wealth for its owners: "It takes work to create and move a file".

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