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For the latest posted status of the Hiveware for MyFiles dapp see Hiveware code checked in.

Are you a native code Windows developer? Would you like to work from your own home, develop a Hiveware app and eventually earn money from it?  Then read this: Wanted! Entrepreneurial Hiveware C++ Developers with Multiple-Authoring Ideas.

Below is a slide tutorial you can study which will introduce you to the basic architecture of Hiveware. It was this set of slides that was presented to the European Patent Commission on June 5, 2009, that persuaded the 3 ex-programmer Patent Examiners to award a patent for the technology. Europeans almost never award software patents anymore so achieving one for the Hiveware technology makes it even more valuable. You are welcome to contact us to schedule an appointment for a talk-through.

The following is a pictorial introduction to the concept of multiple fragment executables, a main pillar of Hiveware.





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